Coming Spring 2018

The seed for Behold Her Podcast sprouted from a night of up-too-late tweeting, a little bit of frustration being a "rare" female gamer, and a lot of love from an online community full of powerfully rad and supportive women rolling dice and doing amazing things in tabletop RPGs: designing, writing, illustrating, cosplaying, GMing, streaming, podcasting, you name it.

My goal for Behold Her is to create a monthly podcast that spotlights the badass and inspiring women of tabletop and that chronicles the stories of being a woman in gaming, experiences that are as diverse as we are. These stories will be shared through one-on-one interviews, roundtable conversations, and collected audio essays and anecdotes.

If you'll do me the privilege, I would love to share your experience, too. Please keep on scrolling to listen to Episode 0 (who am I anyway?) and learn how you can submit your stories and guest suggestions to be featured on Behold Her Podcast. 

With warmth, excitement, and my heart on a platter,
Lysa the Mercyful


Listen to episode 0

I'm your host, Lysa! In this short Episode 0, I introduce myself and share my hopes, dreams, and kobold schemes for Behold Her Podcast. While you listen, don't forget to subscribe to Behold Her Podcast on iTunes or Google Play to make sure you get Episode 1 this Spring!


Tell Your Story

Are you a female gamer? If you have a story, essay, anecdote, memoir, tall tale, stand-up routine... about your experience in gaming OR what tabletop RPGs mean to you, I'd love to hear it. 


Suggest a Guest

There's a woman in gaming who inspires you with what she creates... your soul sister has an amazing story to tell about her life and rolling dice... you have a girl crush on a rad RPG lady and want to talk to her vicariously through me...