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Behold Her is a podcast that spotlights the bad-ass and inspiring women of the tabletop hobby and that chronicles the stories of being a woman in gaming, experiences that are as diverse as we are. Through interviews and audio stories in monthly thematic episodes, Behold Her's host and producer Lysa Penrose chats with women from every facet of tabletop RPGs: designers, writers, organizers, cosplayers, GMs, podcasters, streamers, illustrators, researchers, newbies, gaming veterans, you name it.

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There's a woman in gaming who inspires you with what she creates... your soul sister has an amazing story to tell about her life and rolling dice... you have a girl crush on a rad RPG lady and want to talk to her vicariously through me... Let me know who you would like to hear as a guest on Behold Her Podcast!

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