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Behold Her Podcast would be honored to share YOUR experience as a female tabletop gamer in YOUR own words. We are seeking stories of all types to capture the varied and diverse ways women experience the world of gaming. Memoirs, anecdotes, essays, tall tales, stand-up routines... You name it. All stories will be converted into an audio format, read aloud by yourself or someone else if you prefer.

Upcoming episode themes include:
June - Decolonizing D&D
July - Women Uncaged
August - Women Who Podcast
September - Women Who Game Design

But any story that captures YOUR experience is welcome and will be considered!

If you identify as non-binary, LGBTQIA, or a woman of color, please know your thoughts, experiences, and stories are equally valued here.

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Selected submissions will be recorded for audio for Behold Her Podcast. Some might prefer to tell their story with their own voice (possibly recorded in a session with the host if necessary for audio quality control). Others might not have the proper equipment or might be shy, which is OK too! Tell us which applies to you.
If there's anything else you'd like us to know about you (a preferred pseudonym, a brief bio, your favorite flavor of gum...), here's the place.